TES Reloaded
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TES Reloaded
TES Reloaded is one of the biggest project of the modding community.
It is a plugin for Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas.

The Author


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v1.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v2.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v2.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v3.0
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Shadows? Empty Shadows?

Tue 14 Sep 2021, 05:23
Hi there! Really loving the mod, it breathes so much new life into Oblivion! I did have a question about the shadows though; In interior cells the shadows often flicker and disappear depending on where your character is, I imagine this is because the light source the shadows are being cast from changes depending on which is closest to the player? My question is, is there any way to make it so the shadows don't do that? It gets pretty distracting, especially in smaller interiors with lots of light sources, when walking 2 feet changes the direction of every shadow in the house out of nowhere.

Thanks so much!

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Shadows? Empty Re: Shadows?

Tue 14 Sep 2021, 16:43
Not at the moment. The shadows casters are the ones closest to the player, so while you are moving, they change.
It is not possibile to "fix" that. The only way is to use "static" shadows (chosing 4 lights and using them regardless the position, like in Skyrim). Probably i could do that in a future update.

Try to set the interior light points to 4 (2 is default) to have a better effect.
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