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TES Reloaded
TES Reloaded is one of the biggest project of the modding community.
It is a plugin for Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas.

The Author


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v1.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v2.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v2.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v3.0
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Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent  Empty Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent

Mon 21 Jun 2021, 22:10
Hello TES Reloaded team

so I looked for similar threads in here to no avail and I reinstalled OR to the specifications of the guide, on top of that with all mods disabled on a new save, just to be sure but the Extra Shaders option of 9.0.1 consistently turns the characters underpants and the prisoners pants and shoes invisible when enabled.

Is this likely to be on my end or and issue with the mod?

If any additional information is required I will provide it of course.

Images: h ttps://imgur.com/a/2hBAbvW

(Sorry for the new member link policy circumvention, I hope imgur gets a pass, I just wanted to include a demonstration.)
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Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent  Empty Re: Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent

Wed 23 Jun 2021, 19:16
Which is your video card?
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Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent  Empty Re: Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent

Thu 24 Jun 2021, 05:10

I have the same problem. I'd add that deactivating the extra shaders make the tree trunks dissappear too if the Tree Canopy Shadows are off but enabling them and turning the shaders off seems to work just fine.

Although I cannot speak for OP maybe I could contribute with my experience, hopefully that will help. I'm playing with two AMD FirePro D500 cards. Also I can recall some guides suggesting AMD users to not install the Extra Shaders to avoid issues with previus OR versions but I don't really know if that's still the case or if AMD cards are still problematic.

Something else related to the Extra Shaders: each time the game is loaded they become enabled despite saving the settings with them off and the Tree Canopy Shadows become disabled too. I checked the dll.config file and indeed it saves as intended but still the shaders switch back each time, they appear as disabled in the in-game menu but the shaders are still applied unless turning them on and off. Of course it's just a matter of setting them correctly again but it's kinda annoying having to do that each time the game opens.
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Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent  Empty Re: Extra Shaders: Some Clothing items transparent

Fri 25 Jun 2021, 15:33
I have to be the bearer of bad news here. There are significant bugs with AMD cards (i.e. drivers). What it boils down to is if you want the most bug-free experience with OR, you have to use Nvidia. Alenet does not own an AMD card, and as far as I know, he does not plan on acquiring an AMD card. AMD and Nvidia drivers differ, and it takes a different approach to code for AMD.

Tl;dr: you may be out of luck with some of these significant bugs. OR isn't some "Hello World" piece of code; serious work goes into it. It would take a lot of work, with an AMD card, to get OR up to the quality of Nvidia.

I would suggest disabling features to see if they fix the specific bugs. That may not solve all problems.
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