TES Reloaded
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TES Reloaded
TES Reloaded is one of the biggest project of the modding community.
It is a plugin for Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas.

The Author


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v1.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v2.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v2.0


Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) v3.0
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A Big Thank You! Empty A Big Thank You!

Fri 12 Feb 2021, 15:04
Dear Alenet,

I want to thank you very much for the new OR 8.4.0 release! :-)

I appriciate very much your hard work over all these years. Long ago I’ve begun using OR with version 2.2 and it’s astonishing, what has changed and implemented since these days. All the great graphical features and stability improvements making Oblivion a new game. Especially the shadows are awesome of course. As someone coming from „Oldblivion“ I can state, that it has become „Newblivion“.

Under all made innovations I want to highlight two ones, which are IMO in most conversations about OR a little bit underrated and I want to vote for them at this point:
These are Memory Management and Weather Mode. The first one makes the game (in conjunction with common memory tools and tweaks) stable in a never seen way. Almost no memory related CTD’s and combined with good performance – applied on a heavy modded game. Only a few years ago such stability was nothing even to think about.
The other one, I want to vote for, is Weather Mode, which has freed me from digging into CS for readjusting fog distances and colors (e.g. according to experiments with grid distant count and such stuff). Today I open a luxurious menu, adjust the things I want, see the behaviour in real-time and in-game - the same of course with all other graphical features and adjustement possibilities.

So for these (as said IMO a little bit underrated) two features in special a separate big thank you!

With best regards
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A Big Thank You! Empty Re: A Big Thank You!

Fri 12 Feb 2021, 16:01
WOW! Thank you very much! I am happy you appreciate my work and you can have fun!
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