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Screen Effects Reborn
by llde
Recreation of Screen Effects mod from quitezilla.
Uploaded: 11/12/2021, Last update: 11/12/2021 9:28 PM

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This mod is my  attemp to recreate from scratch  the functionality of ScreenEffects by quetzilla for OblivonReloaded.  My aim is to keep a relative retrocompatiblity with  ScreenEffets for OBGE allowing mods that targetted it to work out of the box.
This mod allow modders to add to their mods some graphical effects, even when they don't know HLSL shader language.

This mod include:
- The ScreenEffects.esm
- OBGEv2.dll- A DUMMY OBSE plugin that pretend to be the Oblivion Graphic Extender. TO bypass some hardcoded checks is some mods (for example Fearsome Magicka). It is actually the obse_plugin_example stripped down to minimum.
- ScreenEffects.fx   The compiled post processing effect
- ScreenEffects.fx.hlsl  The source of the post processing effect. Needed in case you need to recompile the effect.

Oblivion script extender.
OblivonReloaded v7.1.0 or above.  NOTE: The first version doesn't require OblivionReloaded as it doesn't include any effect. Its allow to play SC dependant mods without any graphical effects.

Extract the ScreenEffects-Reborn-1.0.zip into the Oblivion\Data folder

Activate ScreenEffects.esm

Enable Extra Effects with the OR Menu.

In alternative:
In Data\OBSE\Plugins   in OblivionReloaded.config:  Set      <Enabled Value="1" Type="0" Reboot="0" Versioning="11" Info="" /> under   <ExtraShaders>  <Status>

You can test some of the features with the old ScreenControls.esp from the Original Screen Effects.
Technical information:
Despite this being a reimplementation from scratch of Screen Effects to achieve retrocompatiblity some thing had to be done similarly.
In the ScreenEffects.esm Container's references had to have the SAME formids (and editorids to consider script recompilation) of the original ones. This is something I actually had to look at the old mod master file.
Effects implementations are pretty standards , so the new shader look similar to the old one. 
Also defaults values needed to be equals (They are generally 1 or 0 depending on the effect)
As suggested by GraficaObscura website I'm using a slightly tweaked values for saturation respect to NTSC standard values. These values are similar to the one used on the old screen effect but are more  precise.
Reference used for the effects are inside the ScreenEffects.fx.hlsl file
Now the Horizion for the Gradient Filtering is computed inside the shader and keep in sync with user-setted horizontal FOV and use the correct Aspect Ratio
Know bugs and limitation:
When the effect is loaded, it may increase a little the screen brightness.
Effect may be slow to load.

OBSE team for the Oblivion Script Extender
Alenet for OblivionReloaded
Alessando De Andrea professor at University "La Sapienza" for teaching the basis of the "Group's Theory" and algebric linear calculus theory.
Microsoft for HLSL
WIne Team for Wine  that allowed me to look into some inner mechanism of directx
quetzilla for ScreenEffects that give me the inspiration (and some case of usefulness) for creating this mod
Bethesda for the entire The Elder Scroll saga,  infinite source of wonders and bugs.