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New Vegas Reloaded
by Alenet
A graphics extender and much more.
Uploaded: 11/19/2021, Last update: 11/26/2021 7:45 PM



New Vegas Reloaded makes significant changes to the Fallout: New Vegas's rendering engine and adds several configurable options.
Whether you are a veteran modder or a newbie,
read ANYWAY this description CAREFULLY.

New Vegas Reloaded is a NVSE plugin that mainly modifies the rendering pipeline, adding new features and providing screen effects not supported in vanilla Fallout New Vegas. This project is based on Oblivion Reloaded project, implementing a series of new features and removing limitations that no longer make sense.
New Vegas Reloaded changes the vanilla shaders and supports several built-in effects, but it has also a custom engine to support any new own effect. In addition, it has a lot of features, improves several other things. It can be called a mod, but it is not a "normal" mod but a real "code patch" and it upgrades Fallout New Vegas to a new version: "forget" the old Fallout New Vegas' guides and settings to use NVR.
The main difference between NVR and other plugins/mods is that NVR is an extension/patch of the game. This means NVR is not a mod (an addition) but it is a real upgrade of the game to a new version and it uses the settings taken from the esm/esp mods like the original game does. Mainly, it is an unofficial patch developed without having the source code. Then, it is totally customizable to activate/deactivate the features you prefer.
New Vegas Reloaded does NOT TOUCH the game executable and you need the original version of the game to play.

  • Minimal performance loss
  • ENB compatibility
  • Player sleeping mode
  • Immersive Camera for the first person view and dialog view, smoother movements and optimizations for mouse use
  • Direct field of view control
  • Native full-screen windowed mode supported
  • Direct screenshot without the HUD (with or without the MSAA)
  • Main menu replacement
  • Built-in shader replacement
  • Shaders/effects compilation at runtime (you can modify shaders as/if you want)
  • Custom effects support
  • Ambient Occlusion for exteriors and interiors
  • Coloring based on location
  • Depth of Field based on views
  • Godrays based on weather type
  • Cinematic effect
  • Vignetting effect
  • Bloom/glow effect based on location
  • SMAA
  • Water on lens
  • Motion blur
  • Low health and fatigue
  • Sharpening effect
  • Volumetric fog
Mainly no conflicts occur but some mods could manage similar modifications to the game that could interfere/conflict with SR.
Disable them or the relative feature if you want to use the one included in SR (or viceversa).
You must disable the Steam overlay.

- Copy the zip content in your New Vegas folder
- Reboot the machine (to clear caches and to perform a tick counter reset)

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