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Welcome to TES Reloaded, the game mod showcase
We host mod for some of the most famous games in the world
TES Reloaded is a service offered by:

Alenet S.a.S. by Alessio Tamburini & C.
Vittorio Veneto Square 6
51100 Pistoia, Italy
VAT: IT01909030478

The idea of TES Reloaded was born from the company's director, Alessio Tamburini, who decided to provide a showcase, where modders can distribute their mods without any obligation or commitment of any kind. Alenet is a software company, but it does not work in the video game sector; TES Reloaded is no-profit and it is purely for hobby and fun, as its director has a passion about games and modding and he likes to share this passion with other users.

You can contact us for technical support or information about TES Reloaded: support@tesreloaded.com
We do not provide supports for mods or published content: contact directly the mod's author for this type of support.

If you are a registered user, you can send your request directly by the following form: